In10tion of the Week: Ease

Who here gets overwhelmed super easily? (I raise hand here!) I am so guilty of this and even though I am aware of my patterns of overwhelm, I find myself going down that rabbit hole very easily. Tell me if this sounds familiar: You have so many amazing things going on in your life, along with other obligations, you can’t keep yourself straight, list making becomes your job, you build momentum in some areas but consistency is lacking, and then you just stop. You freeze. It’s too much.

I know this pattern of overwhelm WAY to well. In preparing for the release of my book In10tions: A Mindset Reset Guide to Happiness, there has been alot going on in my life! Everything from revamping my website, upping my social media game, planning a book tour and launch party, the list goes on and on. I find myself excited about everything but completely overwhelmed. And that’s where I end up losing focus, toying around on Facebook for hours of a time or getting caught up with watching You Tube videos (a mix of TED talks and music videos). And the last thing I want to do is freeze and go into a hiatus, which is what I tend to do when I hit my overwhelmed point (hence the one month break from blogging last month!)

So I have been practicing the in10tion of ease. I let go of feelings of overwhelm and control and celebrate exactly where I am in this moment. Of knowing that I most likely will not get everything done today, but I will put my best efforts and energy into what I can get done. And knowing that I have the ability and capability to complete what I start, because of the passion I have for what I do.


Tweet: Today’s in10tion focuses on ease concentrating on my ability & capability to complete what I start because of the passion I have for what I do. #in10tions

Overwhelm can serve as a distraction for what really needs to happen in our lives. It can deter us from our mission. Recognize when overwhelm begins to creep into your life, that this may be your own fears and way to get in your own way. It’s ok. You got this. Go forward this week with the in10tion of ease.

Have an amazing week! Best in10tions to you!

Love Melissa


In10tion of the Week: Rejuvenation

Oh I have missed you lovelies!! So as you have may have noticed, I have been underground for awhile (not literally, although that would have been interesting!) To be completely honest with you (and I always am); I needed a break. I have had so much transition this past month that something had to give..and unfortunately it was my weekly blog. Shame on me!

But the good news is, I have come back with a new outlook and attitude. You see, sometimes you need to step away from something to really realize how important of an impact it has on your life. Sometimes you realize it right away, and other times, it hits you like a ton of bricks. Taking a break is an essential part of mindfulness self care.

At first, I enjoyed my little break. It was nice not having to be accountable to a writing deadline or editorial calendar. But I found myself swarming with ideas in my head, just waiting to be put on paper and shared with others. Not feeling obligated to share, but WANTING to share and connect. Writing for me has become like the air I breathe; necessary for survival. And the fact that I hadn’t been actually ended up being quite painful.

So I’m back with a new attitude and a face lift on my website. AND I am sure you can see my next focus is on the promotion of my book, In10tions: A Mindset Reset Guide to Happiness! I am so excited for my book release on 2.27.15 and I am looking forward to sharing this journey with you. I still am in a bit of shock that this is actually happening…this book has evolved, changed, and shifted over the past two years, it has become a part of me and who I am. I am grateful for the opportunity and little scared sh**less for what is to come, but I am so ready!

(My book is now available for pre-orders: Check it out!!)

So this week, focus on the in10tion of recognizing when you need a break and to be gentle on yourself when you do.

Tweet: Today’s in10tion focuses on rejuvenation, giving myself permission to stop for a moment and settle down. #in10tion

You just never know…a little break could give you the energy you need to take you to the next level! I know it did for me!

Have a great week, best in10tions to you!

Love, Melissa

10 Minutes with Featured on Sammy D TV


I was super honored to be featured on Sammy D TV’s 10 Minutes with Positive Living Videos, that were released in preparation for her new ebook, Love Your Life! Sammy and I had a great time chatting about positive energy and tapping into you feminine energy, which has been my focus the past couple of weeks! I love this girl, she is so inspiring and a breath of fresh air. Make sure you buy her book Love Your Life; it is full of amazing tips to Watch here: