In10tion of the week: Optimism

There is alot going on in the world today. I stay informed of the news and current headlines, but don’t saturate myself in it. Unfortunately with today’s mainstream media, most of the focus of events is negative and very fear based. More often than I would like, I see postings on social media about today’s troubles, feeding into this fear based propaganda, which creates more fear, anxiety, and negativity. It is a never ending cycle of recycling fear.

This is one of the reasons I am very selective with the news I watch and how often I expose myself to it. Not to say I stick my head in the sand and am ignorant to what is happening around me, but I choose what to focus on and where to put my energy in response to it. I have had some people challenge me that I may be living in a bubble. And maybe that is what they see from their perspective, but I see it as a choice as to what I will allow into my mind space. What we focus on is what we get and I want more positivity and optimism in my life. 

Optimism is defined as the hopefulness and confidence about the future or successful outcome of something. We live in a society where unfortunately, many individuals are losing hope. They are overwhelmed by some of the truly unfortunate and awful things that do happen and do not see the opportunity for change. And they are scared, many of them terribly scared, and feed off of the connection with others that are experiencing these same fears.

But life is FULL of so many good things and good people. Our focus is just off and we fail to see this. I feel joy when I see the consideration of others in everyday settings and individuals who I have never met that use social media as their platform to spread love and hope. Without optimism, what would we have? It is not a life that I want to live, that is for sure. I appreciate my bubble of positivity, empowerment, and hope, because these are the intentions that catapult me to creating and sharing my message so that I can inspire others find their passion and purpose within themselves. This is why optimism is so important; it is the spark of hope that creates that fire of faith. This week, focus on the in10tion of optimism, of being hopeful and confident that good things are on their way.
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Here’s to an optimistic and amazing week. Love filled in10tions to you!


In10tion of the Week: Perseverance

It is pretty amazing as you become more insightful and aware of your thinking patterns, how you recognize that everyday things become metaphors in your life. Metaphors of how we handle situations where we feel uncertain or insecure. And because we run our patterns like clockwork, without even thinking, it is so easy to start a thought process that we know isn’t serving in a snap..just because it is always what we have done. But what is awesome is when we have the ability and the tools to stop going down the rabbit hole, and create emotions that evoke confidence, determination, and the attitude “I got this” instead.

I had the pleasure of attending a charity event yesterday for two young boys who were effected by child abuse in their family. The unfortunate part, is the one little boy passed away due to the severity of the abuse, so the organization wanted to raise money for his brother’s trust fund. It was a very emotional situation and I really wanted to support this cause.

The event was held at an athletic center and involved a series of workouts with push ups, stair climbing, jumping…it was pretty intense! Now I consider myself a pretty healthy person, but not an athlete by any means. And I will be the first to admit that I am “push up challenged”. Plus, I was attending this event solo, as my two friends who I had recruited to join me had to decline. So I was walking into a situation not knowing anyone, not knowing what to expect, and nervous about my physical endurance and ability. I was totally out of my comfort zone and there was a part of me asking myself “What am I doing here?”. But the cause was important to me to support these boys who couldn’t speak for themselves. Instead of being sucked into my doubts, I asked myself “How can I help?” and contributing to this event both monetarily and energetically would be one way that I could.

The workout was challenging! I had some head trash going on, with thoughts of doubt and self-consciousness by the other participants watching me. There was one particular exercise I did where I was exhausted and moving a little slower and my self-consciousness started to kick in, which for me can lead to feelings of insecurity and embarrassment, causing me to shut down or self-criticize. And in that moment I kept telling myself, just a little more, just a little further. It was important to me to finish on a couple different levels and I persevered. I stuck it out and did my best. And that is such a powerful metaphor for how we should live our lives each and every day.

This week, I encourage you to focus on the in10tion of perseverance. You are capable of doing amazing things and handling the challenges of your life when you follow through with what is important to you. You are stronger than you think and when you combine your beliefs with perseverance, that creates a powerful fuel for you to feed off of.


Have an amazing powerful week with amazing powerful in10tions!

Much Love,


In10tion of the Week: Trust

Maybe it’s that time of year where I am in self-reflection mode, or just circumstances of what is going on in my life, but I am finding that lately I have been thinking alot about the choices I have made this past year and the path that I am going on. I feel amazingly confident with the decisions I have made so far. Moving forward with my career path as a life coach and stepping into the unknown has been a huge part of my growth this year, and although it has been scary and uncertain at times, I have ABSOLUTELY no regrets. Putting myself out there with the publication of my book In10tions and actively sharing my work with the world has left me very open for potential critics, yet I am at ease with this openness, due to my belief that this work will impact the lives of so many people. Making some very difficult decisions about my personal life, my relationship, and my beliefs about love..what I am seeking and what I desire as a partner. Within one year’s time, I have made some major life decisions, and through my own work with coaching and spiritual exploration, I feel confident that the changes I have made are in alignment with who I am at my authentic core, which is love, growth, and contribution.

Yet, I have to admit, that lately, and especially as this year has been winding to a close, I have been experiencing some self-doubt. Second guessing some of my I on the right path? Did I choose the right choice? In some ways I am afraid. In other ways I am scared shitless. The uncertainty can be very unsettling, of not knowing how things are going to go, how they will end up, and how I will feel in the process.

So this week I am focusing on the in10tion of trust. Too often we base our decisions on other people’s opinions, but how often do we look deep into ourselves, our judgements, our voice? Whose voice are we listening to when we make those important decisions, ourselves or someone elses? What do we need to trust? We must start first with trusting the process, and more importantly, trusting ourselves. Trusting that we know exactly what is best for ourselves, what we need to do, and that whatever decisions we make will be the right ones. That we are capable for making the best decisions for ourselves, based on our intuition, because our intuition will never steer us wrong.

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Trust yourself. You know yourself best. You know exactly what you need and exactly where you need to be. You are amazing.

Have an amazing week! Loving in10tions to you!